Renew Estate’s vision is to deliver an innovative, holistic, flexible and authentic engagement process with all landowners, Government and community stakeholders relevant to a project, throughout the life cycle of the project.

We will inform and consult with the communities that are local to each project so that they have a deep understanding of both the impact of, and the benefits from, each project. 

At all times we will engage in respectful and transparent communications that take community needs and preferences into account. 

Our process will ensure we gain the approval and broad social acceptance of our project by the local community and all other stakeholders (a social licence).


In order to deliver effective engagement, we will inform communities as to project information, decisions, timelines and actions, but also:

  • Provide information about solar power and solar farm development in a clear and timely manner
  • Be genuinely available to meet and talk to community members
  • Provide opportunities and platforms for communities to present local values and views, as well as raise concerns and queries
  • Seek to understand fully the values and needs of the community and the businesses local to the project
  • Provide support and respond in a respectful way to questions and concerns raised by communities
  • Work to achieve benefits that are mutually beneficial to individuals and community organisations impacted by the project, wherever possible and practicable